echo, 2023 - 2024

Gregory Orekhov presents his newest land art project titled "ECHO," crafted in the beautiful landscapes of the Moscow region's nature.

Against the backdrop of the surroundings lies a majestic dried tree, serving as a unique canvas for this artistic creation. This tree, a dead spruce which had been struck by lightning years ago and eventually knocked down by the winds, now lies in a field, has become a symbol of nature's vulnerability and metaphorically of all humanity.

The textured surface of the tree, infused with hot wax with red pigment, brings it to life in an entirely new context. Roots protruding from the ground are a metaphor for our internal fears and secret anxieties. In this land art piece, nature has become not just a background, but an echo of what is happening in the world. Gregory Orekhov reflects on the horror of wars and draws a parallel between natural processes and the conscious destruction of one's own kind.

With the arrival of the first snow, the "ECHO" project took on a new aesthetic, interacting with the snow-covered landscape, and the vivid red color became a trace of creative influence. However, the artwork encountered an unexpected intervention. A mysterious visitor decided to alter the fate of this land art, cutting down all the protruding roots of the tree and splitting the red surface with an axe. This act not only changed the physical condition of the artwork, but also introduced new meaning. Art collided with temporality and vulnerability, becoming a metaphor for both nature and human creativity, emphasizing that even in beauty, there is room for change and loss.